Why Are We So Effective?

Comprehensive Evaluation.  Defining what the corporation really wants.

Comprehensive position analysis.  To insure consensus, we compile a statement of key functions and candidate specifications for your approval.

Strategic Research.  We don’t delegate this critical function. Too many subtleties are missed by backroom researchers. We present a search plan carefully constructed. Plus, we are not stifled by restrictive noncompetitive compacts. We can look anywhere.

Incisive Candidate Analysis.  Functional, behavioral, and motivational candidate analysis−beneath the surface. For every candidate we recommend, we submit a confidential, inclusive personnel report. Plus, we provide intensive referencing backboned with allegiance to the client, not the candidate.

Meaningful Communication.  We keep you informed every step of the way. And, of course, you can depend on full confidentiality−on your terms−to protect you, your employees and your company.

We Produce.  We do more than just field the best candidates. We sell them on you, your company, your corporate philosophy. And, we help the successful candidate smoothly transition into your firm. Only when you are completely satisfied is our job complete. Because we do much more than just fill jobs. We produce excellence. Our goal is your goal.roulette222