The Board Institute

Helping Directors Build Better Boards

The Board Institute helps directors and officers evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of their boards, committees and directors through a suite of proven, independent web-based and educational evaluation tools.

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In order to make a board more effective, to make it truly excellent, directors must be able to assess its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities based on a valid industry standard. The Board Institute has created just that – In collaboration with the broad range of governance, technology, and survey research experts, we developed our online evaluation tools to benchmark and demonstrate best practices in governance against recognized standards.

We understand the risk faced by board members. Those who ignore best practices for effective board management do so at their own peril. Conversely, those that strive to improve their boards will reap the rewards of higher performance.

Our evaluation tools are intuitive, web-based, and provide a diagnostic system to help directors stay current, identify priorities, and benchmark the effectiveness of their board. Boards can now fulfill assessment and director education mandates with a single, easy to use, independent, web-based solution

We believe that we will fundamentally improve the way boards and committees are managed, and that TBI will become the standard for excellence.

July, 2002

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The Board Institute