Only The Best Candidates

Executive search is cost effective in terms of time, people and productivity. There are no resource drains, no surprises, and no failures.

We proactively identify and access the best people who are available to you in no other way, because the most successful individuals are not actively seeking another position.

Top managers and professionals can no longer afford the luxury of doing all the sifting, checking, analyzing, interviewing, scheduling and evaluating essential to professional recruitment. Nor are you likely to have all the systems in place.  On an average, companies that fill their own positions take twice as long as a search firm to do so. With SSA Executive Search International, you waste no time. You meet only the best candidates.

Plus, we represent your firm to potential candidates in a positive, objective way. As a third party, we sell the opportunities of your position, your firm and your environment. In other words, we advocate for you in a way that you can’t.

In all probability, the individual you are looking for would prefer to negotiate through a professional consultant as well. In fact, many top executives insist upon it. For a lot of reasons. Including the fact that they acquire the stamp of legitimacy that only an executive search firm can provide.

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Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on search firms. There must be a reason.